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Negligence Causing Injury Settlement

Negligence Causing Injury Settlement

Negligence Causing Injury Settlement

Albert Graham, a 73-year-old veteran, struggled with a variety of physical and health problems. He had a leg amputated below the knee, and required frequent clinic and hospital visits for other physical ailments.

On the date of incident, Mr. Graham, visited the local VA clinic. The Clallam Paratransit driver came into the clinic to help Mr. Graham back to the paratransit bus. Rather than remove him by the ADA accessible front doors, the driver conducted Mr. Graham by the back door which exited onto the rear parking lot. That lot sloped sharply downward.

The driver let go of the wheelchair and Mr. Graham free-fell down the lot where one of the wheels of his chair rolled up the descended ramp leading onto the bus causing the chair to overturn and high speed; thus, throwing Mr. Graham under the bus, and into a large puddle of water.

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Mr. Graham suffered injury to his head and jaw, and required immediate surgery to his broken hip. Though he was in great pain, cold and wet, the driver took Mr. Graham home rather than to the hospital across the street from the VA clinic. From his home, his wife and caretaker called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

From there, he was transferred to the VA hospital for surgery. Months of recuperating care was required.

Al Graham was a poet. He published a book titled My Mistress the Sea. One of his poems, "Fires Yet Burning," is presented as a sample. He passed away last year. He is survived by his lovely wife, Marlene, and a number of friends and family who loved him.

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