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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

There is a general style to the handling of a personal injury case, unique to the lawyer. That lawyer stamps character and personal attributes on each step of the process, developed over years of practice by the cases he or she accepts, by those with whom he or she associates, and by the sum of the results achieved.

A short history...

Mr. Lane Wolfley started his career with S. Brooke Taylor and his father, Stan Taylor, his mentors in representation of injured people and the accused. He practiced for several years with Ted Ripley, long the most accomplished Workman's Compensation lawyer on the North Olympic Peninsula, and at present an expert in Estate Planning.

As a senior partner, Mr. Wolfley, among others, has hired or otherwise associated with a group of talented, capable attorneys over the years; Wm. Pattison Kogut (now in Olympia), Ralph Teller (Seattle), Tom Herdt (deceased), Chet Walrath (deceased), Brent Basden (Clallam County Family Court Commissioner), Kevin Hansen (Bankruptcy Specialist in private practice, tel # (360) 452-8315), and John Black (Criminal Misdemeanor Expert, tel # (360) 452-4533). Each association has added dimension to his understanding and practice of the law.

Mr. Joseph B. Wolfley was trained in trial work and appellate argument by winning. He won his first trial with University Legal Assistance in Stevens County, Washington. He then turned and won his first appellate argument in the Third District of Washington. Both for shady car deals. The tutelage of Lane Wolfley has bolstered an already strong foundation of litigation skills for the younger partner.

Lessons learned...

In personal injury matters, we have learned that no attempt at settlement is wise until all injuries are stabilized, either by full recovery or a final assessment of disability. If the insurance company or governmental body is unrealistic to the then-preferred settlement proposal, the case should be filed in court immediately. As soon as possible thereafter, the matter should be set for trial.

What? You're afraid of trial. Don't worry, because we will prepare you and educate you for depositions and trial testimony. Also, our experience confirms that generally, insurance companies and governments hate the prospect of trials even more. You can't get a good settlement unless the insurance company or government is staring down trial, and it knows, from the lawyer's history, that he is both willing, and capable, of taking a case through trial. And that's a fact.