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Below are a few reviews provided by our clients.

Mr. Wolfley took my personal injury claim through jury trial when Allstate wouldn't settle.

He destroyed the testimony of their accident reconstruction expert so we didn't even need to call our own.

Their medical expert crumbled under his cross-examination. The jury awarded over 10 times Allstate's offer ... 


I consulted Mr. Wolfley concerning my automobile collision about five weeks after it happened in October 2008.

I had lingering issues involving a painful chest, shoulder, shortness of breath and anxiety.

PEMCO was pressuring me to settle for $500 and my doctors had diagnosed me as only having muscle strain and related anxiety.

Mr. Wolfley patiently listened to me, and counseled me to ignore the insurance company completely for at least 6 months, that he suspected a misdiagnosis.

One month later, after more visits to the hospital, my collapsed lung was diagnosed. I was transported to Harborview, underwent surgery, and successfully treated. I can't imagine what would have happened if I'd signed that release.



I was injured on the job.

Mr. Wolfley got me my pension with the Department of Labor & Industries, then he doggedly pursued the insurance company of the lumber mill responsible for injuring me.

He got a settlement the day before trial that far surpassed my expectations.

The Department of Labor & Industries and the mill's insurance company fought us every step of the waybut frankly, they were outgunned.


When my husband was killed in an automobile accident as he was going to the dentist on an emergency visit, the Department of Labor & Industries denied my childrens' and my claim for an orphans' and widows pension.

I then hired Mr. Wolfley. He put everything into that case; when he lost the first round, he appealed it and fought even harder.

He won our case, getting us our pension in the absence of our husband, father and provider. How different our lives would be if ...